Visual Climb Over Airport (VCOA)

A departure option for an IFR aircraft, operating in Visual Meteorological Conditions equal to or greater than the specified visibility and ceiling, to visually conduct climbing turns over the airport to the published "climb-to" altitude from which to proceed with the instrument portion of the departure. VCOA procedures are developed to avoid obstacles greater than 3 statute miles from the departure end of the runway as an alternative to complying with climb gradients greater than 200 feet per nautical mile. Pilots are responsible to advise ATC as early as possible of the intent to fly the VCOA option prior to departure. These textual procedures are published in the "Take-Off Minimums and (Obstacle) Departure Procedures" section of the Terminal Procedures Publications and/or appear as an option on a Graphic ODP.

Source: Pilot Contoller Glossary (PCG)

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