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Flight Winds

The Simple Wind Component Calculator for Pilots

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FlightWinds helps you assure you are taking off and landing within your aircraft-specific, or personal wind limitations.

The app calculates crosswind, tailwind and headwind components for takeoff and landing and displays them in a user-friendly way.


  • Dual runway display.
  • Easy to use.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Warns you if you exceed your custom-defined wind limitations.
  • Available for iOS and Android devices.

User Reviews

It does exactly what it should do. Gives you the data based in a simple to understand interface. Exactly what you need in preflight and on approach.
BlitzHunde, iOS
Its a Great Application
[...] it's just the exact application I have been looking for. It's easy, handy, fast and amazing for fast decision of which runway is in use [...] I will surely tell my friends about it to get it and rate it. Thanks
MKST Pilot, iOS
Cool app, easy to use
Easy to use in the cockpit. Intuitive controls.
slaxaa, iOS
Great app
Very simple and very useful, get it!
adamu3r6, iOS
Goodbye cross wind component diagram
This app makes life a whole lot easier. Easy to access and use even in flIght.
D. Mambara, Android
Just the thing! There's no missing what the wind is doing to your aircraft with this wonderful app. I particularly like the feature wherein you can set the limitations separately, helps with critical takeoff decisionsF. Woodbridge, Android
It's easy ,great visual, great in flight
5🌟 Just one less thing to think about on flight planning.... RV6A owner / pilot.
Ry Ry, Android
I use this app all the time for my real world flights as well as my sim practice sessions
Saves me a lot of time and fuel running back and forth to the airport.I just set my personal minums and I get go or no go.
A Google user, Android
Download Flight Winds on the AppStoreGet Flight Winds on Google Play