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Worldwide Airport, Navaid and Weather Data for Pilots

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Worldwide Aeronautical Data at your Fingertips

Over 40,000 airports and 10,000 radio navigation aids (NAVAIDs).

AeroPointer's airport list view

Color Coded METAR Reports

  • Easy to quickly decipher METARs with color Coded
  • Raw METARs and TAFs

AeroPointer provides you with worldwide aeronautical data for over 41,000 airports and 10,900 radio navigation aids (Navaids).

From the creator of Nav Trainer and Holding Pattern Trainer.

  • Offline access to most data even when internet is off.

  • Other data, such as airport charts and weather is cached for later offline view after you first access to it online.

  • Weather, airport charts and notams are cached for offline view once they are downloaded.

AeroPointer's airport details view

Airport data:

  • Name, city, state and country

  • Local and ICAO identifiers.

  • FAA / NACO airport diagrams and instrument procedure charts.

  • Geographical Coordinates.

  • Radio frequencies.

  • Runway info.

  • Time zone

  • Current local and zulu (UTC) time.

  • Sunrise/sunset/civil twilight times.

  • METAR/ TAF weather reports.

  • Color-coded weather dashboard for METAR supported airports.

  • Notices to airmen (NOTAMs).

AeroPointer's runway details view

Navaid data:

  • Type.

  • Power output.

  • location.

  • Identifier (letters and Morse code).

  • Time zone

  • Current local and zulu (UTC) time.

  • Sunrise/sunset/civil twilight times.

3D-Globe Map View

  • Airports
  • VORs and NDBs
  • Weather Radar (US & supported areas)
  • Worldwide Grapical AIRMETs / SIGMETs (For a small in-app purchase fee)
AeroPointer MapView

User Reviews

Very useful and handy app. Will use it regularly and contains allot of information that you normally have to spend a ton of money on to get elsewhere. Nice job folks!
Jmoylan69, iOS
Very Impressed - 10/10
This app is great. Active NOTAMS, Airport Charts, current weather, all for FREE.
sstall24, iOS
Great for flight sim
Use along with x-plane. Love having this free tool for Flight sim.
jbluebox, iOS
Very convenient App!
I love having most of the info from the AFD at my fingertips in the plane. I hate thumbing through paper books and charts in flight.
Pilot580, iOS

Free Download!

  • Additional graphical SIGMET and AIRMETs available for a small in-app purchase

User Agreement / Disclaimer:

AeroPointer relies on several 3rd party sources in order to provide you with aeronautical data. The information provided by this app cannot be guaranteed as accurate, up-to-date or available at any given time.

The app should only be used for general reference, NOT for flight planning or navigation purposes.

You, the user, are responsible for verifying the information before using it in the real world.

If you find any errors, please let us know, so we can keep improving the database.

Download AeroPointer on the AppStore