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Holding Pattern Entry Trainer & Calculator

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Is the following scenario familiar? You receive a holding clearance from ATC, and only have a couple of minutes, sometimes only a few seconds, to choose the correct entry. By the time you've figured out what's going on, you've already passed the holding fix and don't know what to do next.

If this sounds familiar, then you need not to worry. Confusion during holding entries happens to practically almost every new instrument student. Even instrument-rated pilots occasionally have the same problem — when they don't get enough practice.

Holding Trainer solves this problem and cuts the time you have to spend on expensive flight and ground lessons.

Practice holding pattern entries on your own time and convenience, so that choosing the proper one in the air becomes a breeze.


  • Entry Trainer - Drills you on choosing the best holding entry. Practice until choosing holding entries becomes second nature and impress your flight instructor with your skills.

  • Holding calculator. Solve and visualize any holding scenario by entering your current bearing to the fix and a outbound or inbound holding radial.

  • Holding tutorial - learn how to choose the best holding entry quickly and easily.

Don't get "stuck" next time you receive a holding clearance!

User Reviews

Worth every penny
I read the faa stuff, tried lots of youtube tutorials, practice tests, sportys course, and this is the only method that nailed it down for me. Gamifying tough visualization problems is the fastest way to master them. Great job dev. 👍
R. Anthony, Android
Wonderful visualization tool
I am a student working on my instrument license. I always have struggled with visualizing how to enter my holds. After using this application straight for one hour. I can now mentally picture the hold without having to draw out the hold and fix on a piece of paper. This is a wonderful tool!
The cabin bro, iOS
Amazing app. Combine it with the knowledge and the simple rule that determining the outbound heading. North, South, Southwest etc is always there approximate outbound heading and you will be on the road to success.
Aveateor, iOS
Good practice app
I’ve been using this app for the past month as I prepare for my instrument checkride, and it definitely helps with practicing the basic holding calculations.
Kfly1234567890, iOS
Best training app I've used
I've tried several other apps but this is my favorite because it gives you hold instructions without any clues; thus, forcing you to think it through. It also provides multiple choice answer buttons, visualization on the heading indicator option, and an optional full view (plan view).
PilotVince, iOS
Exactly what I needed to get rid of my fear of figuring hold entries. Just buy the dang thing.
T. Higgins, Android
Holds down in a day
I have been struggling with holds in training. $5 and a few hours later I can picture the entry and the hold perfectly. Awesome app!
Tj9002, iOS
This app has really helped me
It's super convenient to just pull this app up and practice hold entries anytime you need to. It has been reliable and accurate for me.
Airrick2009, iOS

For only a fraction of the cost of one ground lesson with your flight instructor, you can practice this important instrument skill at your own pace and save hundreds of Dollars on figuring out holding entries in the air.

This is a great tool for anyone training towards their instrument checkride, CFII, proficiency check, or simply trying to improve their holding patterns.

Download Holding Trainer Pro on the AppStoreGet Holding Trainer Pro on Google Play