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Practice Using IFR Instruments on Your Mobile Device

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Selected by readers as number one of five aviation apps you can't live without

Reached No. 4 in the Navigation category of the U.S. app store for iPad!

Make IFR flight training easier by practicing navigational equipment usage on your mobile device.

Nav Trainer Pro Simulates VOR, HSI, RMI, ADF, DME and ILS cockpit instrument.

A must have tool for any CFII, student and instrument pilot

  • Students and pilots: improve your understanding of radio instrument navigation at the comfort of your own mobile device.

  • Instructors: demonstrate complex IFR concepts to your students from bird's-eye view while on the ground.

  • Also suitable for flight simulator enthusiasts.

Used in classrooms, one-on-one ground sessions and by individuals to improve their IFR orientation skills.

User Reviews

Just what the doctor ordered
This is a tremendously simple, intuitive, and powerful app for those of us who get a little spatially confused by abstract geometry represented by a static image. The user can easily toggle among 1 or 2 navigation devices including VOR, HSI, ADF, and RMI and drag a plane around. This is not a flight simulator but a great Navaid simulator. Worth every penny and a great study partner for the FAA knowledge exams.
roxyfly11, iOS
Great trainer for IFR students
This is a great app for pilots seeking an instrument rating. The simulated test function within the app is great practice for the FAA written exam. I have used this app to demonstrate holds, DME arcs, and HSI situational awareness.
Two "oh's" in goose, iOS
Excellent app
I teach instruments for the US Army at Ft Rucker, Al. This is a very good app to demonstrate the effects of wind on your course and how various MH effects the correcting for wind drift. It's also very useful in explaining, demonstrating and adaptive practice of track/course intercepts. At this price it's more than worth it.
jimh615, iOS
Great training aid
Easy to use, clear, clean graphics, helps my students to visualize a procedure before we go fly it. Price is low considering the great value.
Wsouligny, iOS
Great app for practicing Radio Nav and visualizing procedures.
A Google user, Android
[...] This app has helped me to sharpen my mental picture -- even when forced to go a different way.
A Google user, Android
Use this to prep for the IFR writtenJohn Cox, Android
[...] Keep the awesome training apps coming!
Helped calm my VOR insecurities before my successful IFR checkride. Thanks!
Merrick VL, Android


  • Dual navigation displays.
  • VOR\NDB trainer screen: Simulates VOR and NDB navigation using VOR, HSI, ADF and RMI displays.
  • ILS trainer with both VOR and HSI displays.
  • DME visualization screen - demonstrates how DME slant range distance is affected by ground distance and altitude.
  • Test mode - generates phantom aircraft around the navaids. Your goal is to find the correct aircraft position.
  • Drag and drop the aircraft and nav fix around the screen.
  • Fly! mode - Make the airplane fly around the screen. great for practicing intercepting and tracking courses.
  • Wind direction & velocity control.
  • Aircraft tracing (contrail mode).
  • Accelerator support for aircraft control.

How to use

  • Select the various instruments by double-tapping their dials.

  • Toggle VOR sectors visualization on/off.

  • Auto tune OBS by pressing the OBS knob.

  • Auto turn the aircraft towards the nav fix by tapping the aircraft symbol. Double tap will turn the aircraft toward NAV station #2

  • Change aircraft headings by flicking your finger over the heading indicator.

  • Tune the OBS by dragging your finger around the HSI/VOR displays or over the OBS knob.

Download Nav Trainer Pro on the AppStoreGet Nav Trainer Pro on Google Play