Automated Radar Terminal Systems (ARTS)

A generic term for several tracking systems included in the Terminal Automation Systems (TAS). ARTS plus a suffix roman numeral denotes a major modification to that system.
  1. ARTS IIIA. The Radar Tracking and Beacon Tracking Level (RT&BTL) of the modular, programmable automated radar terminal system. ARTS IIIA detects, tracks, and predicts primary as well as secondary radar-derived aircraft targets. This more sophisticated computer-driven system upgrades the existing ARTS III system by providing improved tracking, continuous data recording, and fail-soft capabilities.
  2. Common ARTS. Includes ARTS IIE, ARTS IIIE; and ARTS IIIE with ACD (See DTAS) which combines functionalities of the previous ARTS systems.

Source: Pilot Contoller Glossary (PCG)