Guest post: Understanding Flying Book Review

Understanding FlyingChris Oquist reviews Understanding Flying, by Richard Tylor

If you’re about to head off to pilot school or you’re simply interested in the matter, Understanding Flying by Richard Taylor is a great aviation book and one you should not miss. In this book intended to reach beginning aviators, Taylor gives a great understanding of the subject matter from the ground up. The information provided in the work is an achievement in and of itself, but Taylor keeps from digging a hole of dense vocabulary. What is left is a thorough yet entertaining read of which all ages are sure to enjoy.

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Flight training in the 21st century


21st Century Flight training

Just a couple of years ago, the typical flight school airplane was using technologies that have changed very little since the 1950s. Even newly manufactured airplanes still had the standard six pack mechanical instruments. However, this changed dramatically when systems such as the Garmin 1000 and Avidyne Entegra quickly took over the General Aviation market. Today, you can find Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) with sophisticated glass cockpit avionics almost everywhere.

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