Holding Pattern Tutorial & Trainer

Holding pattern entries made easy

You receive a holding clearance from ATC, and only have a couple of minutes, sometimes only a few seconds, to choose the correct entry. By the time you’ve figured out what’s going on,

you’ve already passed the fix and don’t know what to do next.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Confusion during holding entries happens to practically almost every new instrument student. Even instrument-rated pilots occasionally have the same problem — when they don’t get enough practice.

The solution?

The secret to mastering holding entries is to practice as many scenarios as you can, as often as you can, so you don’t lose proficiency

Pilotscafe’s Holding Pattern Tutorial & Trainer drills you on recognizing the correct entry to the hold. (You’ll need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player in order to run it.)

Get An Unlimited Number of Holding Scenarios With The Full Edition:


  • Pilotscafe’s Holding Tutorial and Trainer – Full Edition. An exclusive flash-based app, compatible with most operating systems, specifically designed for instrument pilots and students. It will help you master holding pattern entries quickly and easily at the comfort of your own computer.
    • Unlimited holding scenarios. Practice holding pattern entry selection until it becomes second nature.
    • Discover the third method that makes choosing holding entries so easy that it almost feels like cheating!
    • Larger window scale makes it easy to watch.
    • Once downloaded, you can play it offline on your computer at any time.
  • BONUS – Holding procedure tutorial handout (PDF).
  • BONUS – Free lifetime software and PDF updates as they become available.
  • Zero risk with a 30 day full money back guarantee!
  • Available for immediate download.

holding pattern trainer

Don’t get “stuck” next time you receive a holding pattern clearance!

For only a fraction of the cost of one ground lesson with your flight instructor, you can practice this important instrument skill at your own pace and save hundreds of Dollars on figuring out holding entries in the air. This is a great tool for anyone training towards their instrument checkride, CFII, proficiency check, or simply trying to improve their holding patterns.

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