The IFR series – FREE

Improve and review your instrument flying knowledge.

A quick-study reference guide in a condensed format for instrument pilots, students and CFIIs.
Here are some of the subjects covered:

  • Part 61 certification and currency requirements
  • logging flight time
  • Documents required for flight
  • Preflight considerations
  • Flight planning
  • Risk management and decision making
  • Maximum speeds
  • When do you need an alternate flowchart
  • min fuel requirements
  • Holding procedures, DPs, STARs
  • Mandatory ATC reports
  • Lost communication – easy to understand flowchart
  • Navaids: VOR, NDB
  • Advanced systems: AHRS, IRU, GPS, RNAV
  • Weather theory and reports
  • Human factor considerations
  • And much more!

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