Garmin’s Synthetic Vision certified

Garmin International received FAA certification for its Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) this week. The new technology will display 3-dimensional terrain information on Primary Flight Displays (PFD) of Garmin G1000 glass cockpits.


The system uses GPS positioning and a topographic database to generate a real time 3d image of the surrounding terrain. The resulting image is designed to imitate the pilot’s point of view and clearly marks land, water and sky. In addition, the system warns of close proximity to terrain by marking danger areas with standard TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) colors. Garmin’s SVT also depicts Highways-In-The-Sky. These allow pilots to follow their courses by flying through “guiding boxes”, or windows, displayed within the 3d environment. Courses that can be flown in this way include en route, departure, arrival and approach courses including ILS approaches.