FAA improves NOTAM system

As of the 28th of January 2008, Local NOTAMs in the United States will be reclassified as Distant NOTAMs. This comes as part of the first stage of an FAA plan to modernize the Notices to Airmen system.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Improve NOTAM quality.
  • Provide a centralized collection and distribution point for all NOTAMS.
  • Comply with ICAO NOTAM standards.
  • Balance the needs of various system users such as: airlines, general aviation, the military and international aviation.
  • Automate the NOTAM system.


New NOTAMs will include keywords that classify them for improved sorting and parsing. Some of the keywords found in the new NOTAM are: AD, NAV, AIRSPACE, RWY and more.

The next two phases of the program are to centralize the system (create a “One Federal NOTAM System”) and implement an enhanced protocol to submit the notices called Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM). The final step of the program is planned for 2010 or later.

More information about the NOTAM realignment plan.